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Robert, Renault Technician
Category: Renault
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Experience:  Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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Hi there, I hope you can help! I have a 2006 56 plate traffic

Customer Question

Hi there, I hope you can help!
I have a 2006 56 plate traffic that has had a clutch, sleave cylinder and master cylinder replaced, since then, it has suffered a gearbox oil leak when driven under load (motorway speeds)
the garage who did the job are trying to tell me that its the gear selector arm, but the level in the box is ok? Could this be that they've overfilled it?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

Overfilling a gearbox is never a good oil expands as it heats up - as this could blow the seals on the gearbox and thus you;ll eventually find the gearbox leaking,proving that might kind of difficult considering most of its possibly leaked out and brought the level down.depending how bad this leak is of course..only way to know is to fully drain the gearbox and see what amount comes out and cross referance with Renaults required level and see if they match.might require another garage to do that - also during a clutch change the driveshafts are removed from the gearbox there are oil seals at the differential on the gearbox the driveshaft slide into..ensure the seals there havent been damaged through removal and refitting of the driveshafts - also too during a gearbox change its normally best to drain the gearbox of its fluid and see/measure whats actually come out - this can give a better understanding and double check with the Renaults require level for that gearbox as to what amount of gearbox fluid needs to go back in when the gearbox/driveshafts is refitted etc...I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do so before you rate..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Basically what happened is that about a week after the clutch parts were changed, I had a bad gearbox leak while driving at speed. It went back to the garage and they said it was the N/S inner cv boot hadn't sealed correctly so they replaced it as a gesture of goodwill.

I then used the van around town for a couple of weeks and when I next did a higher speed run with it, I had the exact same problem.

The van went back to them and they had it for two days saying they couldn't find a fault, then on removing the gearbox, have told me the gear selector shaft is worn and this is the problem.

I know a little about mechanics and questioned this diagnosis. I then researched the internet and found that the van is only supposed to hold 2.7 litres of fluid, the garage has admitted filling the gearbox to the filler hole, which I believe is incorrect for this van?

I've also researched and found that the van will basically try and shed the oil out of anywhere it can when under load as it is overfilled. Is this correct?

I've asked on here as you are a Renault expert and this could potentially become a legal matter if they have damaged my gearbox.

Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..Im not sure why they changed the CV Boot? - the CV boot inside anyway is full of heavy grease and doesnt hold oil - normally if grease leaks out a cv boot on any vehicle.the cv boot is either split or damaged and thus the grease leaks out and splashes all over the area when driving.....If say the leak is to be seen in that area where the inner cv joint spline - slots into the differential on the gearbox and oil is seen to be leaking from there between the area of the gearbox and the inner cv cup..then its pretty much a straight forward diagnoses in regards ***** ***** oil seals gone or damaged through either inproper removal or fitting of the driveshaft - either somethings been jammed up in there to pop the driveshaft out and thus damaged the seal..or when the driveshaft was been pushed back in the seals got damaged,that can happen sometimes..either way..if the oil is seen to leak from that area then thats your problem....

In regards ***** ***** need a special measuring tool to go into the filler can normally make one yourself if you work on them alot..Ive managed to find a pic of one as mines at work might just make out the small level dots..just like a small dipstick.renault i think actually sell them,this tools used on the Vivaro/Primastar as well as the Trafic.which are basically all the same base vehicle...But no the oil should not actually be filled till its flows out the refill port,the levels actually slightly lower than the fill port hence that small need to drain the gearbox off and fill with about 2.6 - 2.7 litres of gearbox oil..normally id measure exactly whats come out..then put in the same with new fluid.use that little tool to double check measure the level and then/drain or either top in very small stages if need be.remember there will be gearbox oil still in there even though you have drained!..until you reach the max which yes is upto 2.7 of the top of my head...

Unfortunatly i can get into the legal side of things here im afraid - it might be worth getting advise should it need to go that far by local trade and standards or a second visual / written inspection done on the van to see exactly the point of which this oils come from..we do have legal section on the site so your more than welcome to use this..I do hope this helps