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Robert, Renault Technician
Category: Renault
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renault megane 2004 1.9 dci faulty key card have change ba

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renault megane 2004 1.9 dci faulty key card have change batt


Hopefully i can help..

Does the card itself still open and shut the doors/central locking wise?

Do you have access to another/the second keycard for this car?

Have you tried to wiggle the card in the slot to se if that helps?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes to first ques, and no second card, and yes to the last ques, the veh will start even when i pull the card out when i press the start button

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

You can still the car without keycard inserted or is in the vicinity or in your pocket if its "keyless entry

/hand free keycard" where the doors will auto unlock/close or you can open the door using the small push button on the handle or starting the car via depress the clutch and press on the footbrake and press the start button and the car will start - If its not to your knowledge however these systems are so problematic its not surprising your having issues with it..thats why its always best with these cars to have at least 2 working keycards so we can see if this is actually a card problem or the actual reader itself or deeper fault on that systems at fault - The most common we see is the cards or the card reader itself you slot your keycard into..there are small microswitch within the reader can stick or break and thus this causes the car to not see,recognise the card in the slot to allow you to start the car..normally id say try and hoover out the slot as best you can and spray in some "proper automotive electrical contact cleaner" into the slot let it dry for a few moments and then try again if this is just dirt built up in there..failing that and its not akeyless entry type..then id say it was the reader mostly at fault if the card can be pulled and the car still started,these readers are plug and play so you just need to find another one from the same car/year and just swap them over..if another keycard was at hand and that worked ok in the slot the car seen the keycard without the message you have - then the other card your using is at fault.another card would need to be order via the dealer...I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further then please continue before you rate

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