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my scenic 1.4 keeps cutting out at junctions on roundabouts

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my scenic 1.4 keeps cutting out at junctions on roundabouts and on idle when warm and when i go in reverse

Hi..there apologies for the delay..

One of the most common things as you may already gather..Is these do have issues with the ckp sensor or flywheel sensor as its called too,normally on these its bolted to the top edge of the clutch bellhousing and monitor the impulse ring on the flywheel..these normally can cause cutting out/stalling and at low rpm or even hard starting..due to the sensor becoming faulty in itself and losing signal and thus the ecu detects that and causing a non spark if that hasnt been checked..then i would start there next.Renault do have an updated version of that sensor..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi i will get one and fit it i was told you can take these out and clean it so i have just done that and put it back in but still the same engine seems to cut out when you change gear then engine light comes on engine stalls so ill try a new flywheel sensor


If the engine light is coming on - i would certainly find out first at least aswell as back up the possibility of the CKP dropping out - by having the car plugged in and see what fault codes you have..but normally on these engines which are used in quite a few models of Renault its usually down to the CKP sensor itself..but yes sometimes cleaning can they often get a build up of like iron filings on the sensor tip being magnetic and thus the sensor/ecu cant see the impulse ring on the flywheel..quite yes as above that about the best step i advise from here..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have orded a new sensor ill wait til it arrive fit it and see if the problem is the same, i did take car to garage they put a meter on it and came up with a code wich pointed to the charcoal filter, ill take it back later in the week many thanks for your help


Ok.. the charcoal filter/evap..just captures the petrol vapours "there should not be any petrol in that system" it stores the petrol vapour from the fuel tank in the filter until a valve releases the vapour from the canister into the intake and thus is burnt off during normal combustion..they should check the filter itself isnt full of fuel or the evap doesnt have leak in the system/lines from the fuel tank..but if that was the case you would have fuel smell from outside or within the car..But as far as that sensor goes you can try it...I do hope this helps further..Please dont forget to rate my responce as above..much appreciated

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