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I have a Renault clio and when I go to drive the car there

Hi I have a Renault... Show More
Hi I have a Renault clio and when I go to drive the car there isn't enough power to get above 20mph can you help please
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Hopefully i can help..

Does the engine when stationary "not moving" able to start up - rev up ok or is power reduced still?

Is there actually an engine warning lights or any others on when this occurred?

Any burning smells - or excess smoke out the tail pipe?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

hi there is a sensor light on but was told it was for seatbelt sensor, it does rev when stationary and no smell of burning or smoke

Hi..there.. not sure how doing a diagnostic scan managed to figure out it was a problem with brake/throttle cables - the ecu doesnt have any connection with them or better still it wouldnt see problems with them... throttle cable is just that - it just between the throttle pedal and throttle body..any issues with that would give very little throttle responce even at stationary - brake cables? im guessing that was handbrake cables - again in a sense yes they could cause a hold in power if the handbrake was sticking in the on position even though the handbrake itself should be off -

Have they actually checked for brake seizure just to be sure there isnt actually a brake holding on/gripping - what about fuel pressure- i note you do mention it was low on fuel so it failry possible the fuel filter could be that maybe worth trying out..they could also remove the air filter and check that awsell as the sparkplugs and check the condition on them and also perform a compression test the problem isnt compression related whilst their out..they could also check for restriction in the exhaust system using infra red thermometer they can check to see if the exhaust system is partically restricted causing a lack in power . the only other thing could be failing clutch - if the revs seems to be alot higher than the speed of the car then it possible the plate could be worn thus lack of power...but as above there is alot that can cause that..but its matter of checking each area to rule it say maybe start off with the fuel system pressure check and filter change considering it was low it may have lifted silt around the bottom of the tank and restriced the filter thus lack in power due to fuel pressure..that too can sometimes bring on the engine light as it senses low delivery pressure..