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, We have a 2003 Scénic 2 1.9 dci which had a reconditioned

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Hi, We have a 2003 Scénic 2 1.9 dci which had a reconditioned turbo fitted 1 month ago. (1000 Euros)
A week ago yesterday the clutch pedal and gear stick froze - the car was taken to the garage on the back of a recovery truck and have had the clutch replaced and the relevant hydraulic part (1200 euros). Got the car back last evening and took it for a drive today. The ESP/ASR out of service light has come on and the ABS needs checking also came on. Did notice that when l braked hard the pedal softened, if that makes sense.
Too many thinks going wrong over such a short period of timle - The clutch then ABS after 20 kilometers makes me think the garage have messed with sensors etc;
Any help, advice would be very welcome - I will be taking the car back first thing Monday morning and would like to be able to ask some informed questions.
As you can imagine l am not technically minded but find that


Givin that the both these warnings have come is a good indication that the abs system has seen the fualt and stored the relevent faults codes based on the fault in that system..considering you have had work done to remove the transmission to replace the clutch would of had to mean they would need to remove the driveshafts not nessesarily from the hubs but they would have to move the hubs out to get the driveshaft free from the givin that situation then the front abs sensors,wiring/target rings on the shafts would need to be inspected... it very hard to actually know for sure "if" the garage have done something wrong..but clutch replacement doesnt involve anything to with the brake system just to be clear on that..but the system is hydraulic and uses the same brake reservior as the brake system so it could weel be worth ensuring the fluid is topped up after the bled the clutch system.hydraulics.... In reagrds to the brake feeling soft under hard braking..could well be an issue with the ABS unit / pump or air has been introduced into the brake system hydraulics somehow..but if the servo is faulty then you would have continual hard brake feeling a bit like when the engines off and you press the pedal till it goes firm..once you switch the engine on the brake pedal should sink slightly but still have firm feel to it..if its too soft and falls to the floor then theres a problem in the brake system..either failed servo/vaccum pipe to servo leaking or the abs pump could at fault..only way to know for sure exactly is to get the ABS system diagnostically scanned for fault codes..and that should help with pin pointing or least give a starting point where to make checks on this...I do hope this helps

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