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Robert, Renault Technician
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HiI have a Renault lagua 2.0 petrol 2007.I keep getting

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Hi I have a Renault lagua 2.0 petrol 2007. I keep getting check emmissions fault and the engine management light is flashing, ive 'just renewed the spark plugs today and this hassent resolved the problem.

also the engine is running uneven at tick over.

I've just had my timing belt renewed do u think that the timing has slipped to cause this....


How long ago was the Timing belt done? along with the belt did they replace the other pulleys/water pump too inc Dephaser?

Have you made sure nothing has been left off - plug wise around the engine just incase..?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Timing belt was done on 3-3-15 along with the timing belt kit by Renault and the water pump...

nothing has been left off as I only changed spark plugs and put everything back as should be....


Ok..As far a slipping timing goes..the only way to actually check that is retime the engine back up and ensure the timing tools used to lock the engine fit properly..thats the only way it can be done,as the sprockets dont actually have timing marks to also super important that the bottom crank pully is tight as the lower crank sprocket is floating pulley so the crank pulley needs to be extremely tight according to manufacturer spec as per Nm..if its not tight enough it can risk slipping the timing reuslting in engine internal/ valve damage ...they will also need to check the belt deflection is correct..if the belt is loose then this can cause or is possible the timing to jump a tooth and run unevenly - i note you dont mention the dephaser pulley getting replaced..these engine should have that pulley on the inlet camshaft as regards ***** ***** valve timing and are known to be problamatic causing a noise if they havent replaced that at the same time then im afraid they havent done you any favors on that score....Id say from this point on if you sure nothing as come loose/plug wise around the engine..not during the plug change..but maybe something that has come adrift slightly through vibration.. just a case of follwing everything around the engine or the areas in which the was worked on ie:- the timing side and the top end cylinderhead gearbox side..the next stage id say would be to get the car diagnosed on a suitable scanner and see what the faults are the ecu has picked up on,this maybe something to get the garage in question who did the t-belt to carriy out..and if its timing related then they are liable to re-check it and shouldnt cost you for them to do that..

Getting the fault codes as mentioned that way you'll have better idea what your dealing i may not be the timing at fault but maybe a failed ignition coil resulting the emmisions/eml to flag up...I do hope this helps

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