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On Wednesday 1st July in the afternoon, whilst driving my Clio,

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On Wednesday 1st July in the afternoon, whilst driving my Clio, it just cut out and would not move. I tried to restart the engine but it would not start. It was the hottest day of the year, and we had had the air conditioning on also. I called out the RAC, who found out that petrol was not getting through to the engine, even though the petrol pump sounded as if it was working. The car was towed to the garage I use for repairs etc. Unfortunately they were busy and did not touch it for 4 days. When they came to start it, it worked ok, and they could not find anything wrong with it.
It has been suggested to me that there could have been a air lock in the fuel pipe or the petrol could have just been evaporating in the fuel pipe. Can you help please.

Was there any warning lights up on the dash when this happened?

At what level was the fuel in the tank at that time?

Did the garage do any further checks/tests - other than what they've said above?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No warning lights came on.

I went with the RAC, to get petrol to top up the tank to be sure there was enough petrol, and there was.

They test drove the car to see if it would happen again, apart from that I don't know.


Ok well the only way you would get and airlock in the fuel line is if it was run virtually on no fuel - and thus this tends to cause the pump to run louder and can burn the pump out or drag sediment/fine particles through it - it can also cause the engine light to come on due to the system sensing low fuel pressure...The areas that would likely need to be checked "if" no fuel was getting to the engine would does the immobiliser shut off when trying to start - if you cant hear the pump going then makes steps to check the fuse/relay for the pump - and test voltage is reaching the pump or not - they would also be able to check the line delivery pressure using a guage at the fuel rail to see if the pump is sending fuel up at the required psi and not showing fluctuations or low delivery pressure which could point to a faulty or failing pump or a partically blocked fuel filter,or blockage in the line which they could blow back with compressed air - They would also need to inspect areas such fuel lines condition and check for leaks as such.aswell as the venting system on the fuel tank.EVAP system for issues.. its really one of these problems if its intermittent like that - can be fairly hard to diagnose... but normally if no fuel is getting through to the fuel rail/injectors itself - then i would say those areas or checks above would be carried out unless fault codes are stored in the ecu to give a better idea where to make checks also...I do hope this helps
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