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Robert, Renault Technician
Category: Renault
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Experience:  Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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Robert we have a check emmissions message on our dashboard

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hi, Robert we have a check emmissions message on our dashboard we recently let the petrol go nearly to empty as a member of our family drive the car and did not understand the petrol gauge . we are trying an petrol additive namely REDEX PETROL INJECTOR FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER

Normally if the tanks run low then you can risk warnings such as these coming up aswell as the engine warning light..due to the ecu detecting low fuel pressure..the best thing you can do which i imagine you have done upto now is add fuel then the cleaner then top up half way with regular fuel//take the car on a short run provided the engines running ok at the moment..and then see if the system reset itself,normally it does..if it doesnt then you need to see diagnostically what the ecu is picked up on if its related to the low fuel issue..then the fault can be cleared and that should be that..but as above try the fuel cleaner anyway..take the car on short run and see if that helps...the emission's warning is basically generic it can cover quite alot of issues hence why normally you need to the plug in diagnostic approach when dealing with these..from air/fueling faults down - EVAP faults to even cataylist /lambda sensors...
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi robert if push comes to shove and this method still does not clear the message and lets just say it needs anew MAP SENSOR. how much roughly to supply and fit one . As this was suggested by the garage we took it to last time this warning came on. regards john


You'll need to be sure it is the MAP/Intake manifold pressure sensor..normally they come in at around £60-£70 for one..i wouldnt advise a cheap aftermarket sensor..try if at all possible getting one via the dealer or reputable motor factors locally..they are simple to replace as they just pull out and the new one is push fit..they have small rubber o-rings on the end of the sensor to seal..the sensor its self is normally located on the top left hand side rear part of the intake manifold or the opposite side to the throttle housing//pretty much near your timing belt side of the intake manifold..thats the black manifold that comes over the top of the engine and down to front.intake fitting id say would be half hours labor..maybe looking at £90-£100 approx..
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