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Robert, Renault Technician
Category: Renault
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Experience:  Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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Check injection message

Hi Robert, I'm sharon. the... Show More

Hi Robert, I'm sharon. the check injection message has come on and now the car has a very rough start up worse now I have changed the glow plugs. It has been on three computers and is showing no faults. we get a lot of white smoke on start is arenault 1.5 dci with 80 thou on the clock

many thanks

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Renault
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replied 2 years ago.
Hi..there apolgies for the delay..

If the check injection injection warning is up or showing then i must of stored fault im kind of puzzled why upto 3 machines havent been able to solve it or at least retrive the fault code....if there's white smoke at start up as you say..aswell as rough idle or running could point to injector fault or fault on one of the cylinders/low on compression for example..or as i stated a faulty injector dumping to much fuel into the cylinder or erratic,not firing properly/spray pattern or the injector is basically leaking off fuel into the cylinder when the engines off which it shouldnt...normally id say the best idea would be the get the injectors checked for leak off and testing etc..most reputable garages will have that equipment aswell as diesel specialists..if you not loosing coolant then id say the white smoke is most likely the cause of too much diesel being injected hence the rough idle etc...i note you mention the glowplugs being changed have they ensured the plugs do get a feed 12v to them at start just to be sure the glowplug control system is actually sending voltage to the plugs....but as abovethats about the steps i think you should take of course basic fuel leakage around the injectors leak off pipes / unions/filter should also be inspected..
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

I had a full rebuild on the injectors and a reconditioned fuel pump put in last december. The car was running fine until I parked it up and left it for a few days. but if it was injectors I would have thought it would have shown up as codes.

Robert, Renault Technician replied 2 years ago.


Ok..wasnt aware you had all that dont mention why..but if it was due to pump wear causing mettalic swarf particles to spread through out the injection system..then any small particles left in the system could of caused damage to replacement components..thats why when that happens your normally down to replacing the entire fuel injection system/pipes/filter housings etc..might be worth seeing if the filters/filter bowl is clear of swarf just in case - codes wont always show up if the mechanical side of the injector is still get a leak down test done of the pump/engine timing - aswell as fuel delivery pressure would need to be taken into account