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Robert, Renault Technician
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There, I have a renault scenic 2005. My key card is

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Hi there, I have a renault scenic 2005. My key card is fine but I've managed to loose the key blade (emergency key) to open the passenger door in a case of key card battery failure. Car works fine, but the battery is now exposed. What are my options? Shall I get a blank key blade of ebay? If so where to go with it?    Many thanks. Stani


You can get Blank Key blades directly off ebay.ensure its from a uk supplier though - aswell as i would asume most decent autolocksmiths would be able to supply and cut it to fit the emergency lock on the need the key code number for that and then cut the blade to match the lock...only a specialist autolocksmith with key cutting equipment would do that for it vital that you look around locally for a decent autolocksmith thats able to get the keycode carry out that cutting service for you,lots of places online that maybe able to help with replacement blades....Of course the other option dealer to get the emergancy keyblade from or if thats the only Keycard you to aquire another spare keycard for that car..Its always advised with Renault cars that do use the keycard system to always have a fully working back up it maybe something to consider....but as above thats about the options for a replacement emergancy keyblade..I do hope this helps
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