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Clutch pedal to the floor so no clutch there is a hydraulic

cylinder at rear of pedal... Show More
cylinder at rear of pedal anseen play trid bleeding made it lower noe car cannot be used
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What Renault year and make do you have?
Is the master cylinder actually leaking around the pushrod to the pedal? have you checked around the gearbox/slave for leaks?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
again renault senic rx4 sport year 2000 can see no leaks at pedal nor bell housing have not lost fluid
Normally on these the clutch master cylinder can be problem and thus what happens is the seal inside fails and thus looses pressure hence the pedal fails to the floor and you cant build up pressure in the system,its a plastic master cylinder so not suprising to see faults like you know the remedy to solve it is to fit another master cylinder..if you cant find any online as such..then id imagine any good local motor parts supplier or even the dealer would aquire one....Bleeding these can be a bit of nightmare if i recall..the method i did was back bleeding via the slave cylinder bleed nipple..unless you have long enough transparent bleed tube that fits tightly to the bleed nipple and the other end with a syringe filled with brake fluid and slowly push the fluid in till it feels solid or watch the brake reservior for tiny bubbles.thats about the only method unless you have mity vac to pull the fluid through..there is procedure you have to adopt to help bleed it at the slave cylinder coupling i mean the hard line into the slave connector..remove the retaining wire clip with thin nose pliers and then carefully pull out the hard line metal coupling about one click to allow flow through the bleeding nipple - pull out too much then you risk air getting in..its not an easy job..but its possible to carry out and normally it really the only bleeding method possible..I do hope this helps