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New clutch fitted to Renault Master 2 months ago; since then

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New clutch fitted to Renault Master 2 months ago; since then van is shaking when accellerating forward or driving uphill. Garage is denying anything to do with clutch!
Did'nt have it before new clutch. What do you think?
What was the initial reason for the clutch renewal? - Just general wear or was it total failure?
What brand of 3 part clutch kit was put in?
Has the garage actually tested it themselves to get an idea on the issue?
How bad is the vibration and can it be felt on the clutch pedal at all? ie:- near bite point, rather than under load etc
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert, clutch pedal was staying on floor; when clutch was taken out, one spring out of four was broken. The problem is
only detectable under load; do'nt know the brand. Garage seems not very sure what the problem is. Have also taken it to
main agent, who tell me they ca'nt determine the problem after 3hours of inspection.
Hi..there..thanks for that..
Ok..Im asuming your refering to the torsional springs on the friction plate as i recall 4 springs on that.and not the cover pressure plate fingers?.Normally many various reasons for that if that happens as per torsional springs then can usually caused by general wear/tear, abuse..maybe possible excessive movement in the input shaft, but it should cause total failure or pressure loss at the pedal..The pedal sticking to the floor doesnt tend to match torsional spring failure as i mention above.but more on the common master cyl failure - slave cylinder,release bearing failure or presure plate fingers
But as per the vibration under load..going by what you've pretty much replaced upto now with regards ***** ***** driveshafts / balljoints - i asume an inspection on the mounts gearbox wise / the rest of the suspenion.subframe mounts was done.clutch system has been adjusted properly or bled.slave and master cylinder isnt weak or leaking....And provided it not actually and "engine issue instead under load" - It doesnt really leave alot to check....I know these vans depending on the year/engine are fitted with DMF's - duel mass flyhweel - normally when the clutch is taken out - an inspection on the flywheel or dmf has to be carried out when the flywheel is exposed it has to be inspected for scoring/blueing/glazing,overheat damage caused by the wearing faulty clutch plate..even with DMF's they need to measure for its axial or radial play and whether it is outside the specifications..before any new clutch is installed - there should also be an inspection made to ensure that no oil/fluid contamination is can be know to get a slight vibration for a short time time when a new clutch is put it in..if you like till it beds in but i would imagine after 2 months it will be well beyond that now.. ..provided that hasnt been thought of as of yet or at least enquire with the fitting garage if that was might also be worth to enquire what brand was put in..and if the whole clutch kit was installed including the bearing/release.and the brand of clutch kit put in.was pressure plate mounting bolts torqued to spec to specification..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert,
Thanks for your reply; I've had the clutch taken out again today, seems it might not be fully bedded in.
The flywheel is a solid one, so I'm getting that skimmed tomorrow, just in case it needs it. Any comments?
Im just not convinced that after 2 months that clutch is still bedding in to be honest..but i guess it depends on the vans use of course..would determine how long its takes to bed in so to speak..but if the vans been in regular use since its new clutch or over 2 months imagine by now it would of settled in... As for skimming the flywheel? Im just not fan of that to be honest..thats just my opinion based on a few experiances in the past... But who ever is doing it does a proper job and doesnt take too much off..then it might work..normally im my experiance anyway as far as flywheels goes it often best just replace them...