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Can't get my clio in 5th or revise and stiff to go in the

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Can't get my clio in 5th or revise and stiff to go in the others service light is on
Are the gears easier to select with the engine OFF?
Did the service light come the same time as the gear selecting issue?
Have you had anything checked or inspected so far upto this point?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No light came on a few days ago not long been serviced had nothing checked out yet can drive it but can't reverse it
Yeah well the service light is another matter - but it wont be related to the gear issue as you already know yourself - but if the gears can be selected alot easier with the engine off...then it certainly a clutch or clutch release fault..Because the engines still able to transmit power through the gearbox even though the clutch is depressed will make gear selection alot harder or crunch etc.... If the gear selection is still stiff regardless of the fact of whether the engines off or on - then it certainly a problem maybe with the gear selector side of the things from the gearstick to the gearbox/linkages those would have to be checked for in a way of inspecting the linkage and bushings - leading to disconnecting the gear linkage from the gearbox...then try and see if the gearstick feels stiff still or not..if its easier to move..then the problems on the gearbox and may well be internal if the slecting the gearbox gears manaully at the box itself still produces the same that view anothe gearbox may well be required - but first of all an oil level check is required or full inspection leaks on the box that may have dropped the level a bit to cause the issue you as above there a fair few things that would need to be checked or addressed first ideally..mostly those checks would require the car on a lift to check underneath such as oil level etc..I do hope this helps
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