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Robert what does regenerate R F P mean on our dash Grand Renault Scenic 2005 7 seater

Hi Robert what does regenerate... Show More
Hi Robert what does regenerate R F P mean on our dash Grand Renault Scenic 2005 7 seater
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Is this vehicle a diesel engine?
Sure its not FAP on the dash or definitely RFP?
Any other issues or warnings that came up or any previous work carried out prior to this warning?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Yes it is diesel my husband has the car at the moment so I don't no for sure the letters we have only had it for 5 months can we still drive it or is it dangerous to the car or us thanks Gill
Ok..i think its more than likely to be "regenerating DPF" essentially FAP (also called a DPF) is a particle filter as part of the exhaust system which brings down the soot levels coming out - it effectively captures under certain driving conditions usually over prolonged period of driving..the DPF reaches its desired temperature that soot is burnt off.. normally the vehicle does itself under Active ‘regeneration' the ECU intervenes when the soot loading in the DPF is calculated...obviously if it doesnt get enough time to complete the cycle then it will be logged in the ecu as a failed regen and this can happen mulitple times and the oil dilution "increasse in oil level due to excess diesel which helps regeneration" can increase aswell as soot content can increase thus risking the DPF becoming blocked and beyond regeneration..under diagnostics they maybe able to see the current percentage content in the filter and see if there was any failed regens.diesels with the DPF filters dont like short or stop/start journeys and this is when problems occur usually on these systems sadly..Id say from here give the car a good hard run provided it is still giving out good performance and doesnt show any signs of lacking performance..around 10 miles in 4th/5th gear at 70mph on a clear motorway if possible. This helps raise the temperature in the exhaust to start the regeneration process. If that doesnt work and the mesage is still on..then im afraid its needs to go on the diagnostic machine to determine exactly what fault has occurred on that system..also too there is no option to remove these filters now due to new if the filter is beyond regeneration then its has to be replaced and they arent cheap..but as above try the driving method and see if that works maybe try a higher premium diesel into the tnak and then try giving that long run and hopefully that will help.but as it stands the car isnt unsafe or dangerous to drive.I do hope this helps
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much I feel better well worth the money ,Merry Christmas from two silly pensioners x
Hi..there.. No problem at all..if you need any other advice or help then just ask anytime... and a Merry Christmas!
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Robert thank you again it worked 70 mph cleared the sign it's off the dash . Merry Christmas x