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Where is the rear 12v accessories socket on the Dacia Dust

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Where is the rear 12v accessories socket on the Dacia Duster?
Depends on the variant - i recall them having rear sockets fitted under a black small black flap located on the left hand side of the parcel shelf/nearest the small quarter window as you look into the boot or basically on the plastic parcel shelf section near the passengers rear seat - they also had one at the centre console on the bottom,so maybe look there too..but again depends on the which some may not of had them fitted bar the one just in front of the gearstick or next to your 4wd drive control this any help?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Robert,hi. Thanks for your reply but two of us have looked in this area to no avail. The drivers handbook also indicates that the socket should be there. By using the front 'cigar' lighter socket for Tom Tom it fused the system and the garage have now disconnected this socket as I seem to have damaged it and dont smoke! The Renault garage told me to use the rear 12v socket. Foolishly i didnt check at the garage where this was. Although my Dacia is one of the top range models I think they have omitted to fit the 12v socket!
Unfortunatelt garage closed today so am not able to interrogate them further. Will speak to them on Monday and will advise.
Thanks for your help.
Yeah only certain specs of the duster had these sockets installed in the back on that section of parcel shelf or may well of likely been a added option at the time of purchase ..but i believe its not difficult to actually get one fitted if required..Renault would likely maybe suggest that as an option to you to get one installed by them and its isnt really a major job..but never the less it would also be wise to maybe get the front socket done at the same time..if the socket itself is faulty...I do hope this helps further...