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We have a Renault Kangoo diesel van SL17 DCi 70 and it wont

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We have a Renault Kangoo diesel van SL17 DCi 70 and it wont start without spraying with easy start or similar, turns over and will start with foot to floor and accelerator. Once running and fuel flowing the engine runs well
glow plugs are fine, fuel flowing but y9ou can see bubbles in the clear fuel line . had a suggestion to cut the EGR cable?
your thoughts please ?? is this maybe a fuel pump problem?
Have seen a few DCI's run with bubbles in the lines with no ill effect..but is vital that you do inspect the fuel system for any small leaks especailly so around the injectors/return lines.also have you checked the fuel filter by that i mean open up the fuel filter and see if the are any metal filings inside.looks like a sort of glitter effect in the bowl.that would be a sure sign of pump failure or wear thus resulting in poor fuel pressure and starting..i wouldnt go cutting things on the bases it might work..the fact its starts on easy start and or using the priming bulb suggest a weak fuel start with the basics first.check the fuel system for leaks maybe try another genuine fuel filter with seals.before which fitting the new filter in..check the filter housing bowl for swarf..if there is alot in there then im afradi you'll be loking at entire fuel system/inc pump/injectors/lines etc needed on that van.I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
we had it down as potentially the fuel pump once running pumps fine but not enough pressure on start to get fuel flow throughwas juts trying to avoid the pump etc hoping it might be a nice cheap relay replacement!
A relay wouldnt cause the problem you have..what you have there is fuel pressure issue.probably a leak down when the vans you must check the system lines/connections for leaks or any telltail chaffing on the lines itself i told you start with the basic checks first including the fuel filter check..that would prove either way if the pump is failing or not..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
great thanks
No problem.. Please dont forget however to rate one of the answers above before you log out..most appreciated