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Grandsons 03 cleo was runing ok it now cuts out &wont start

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grandsons 03 cleo was runing ok it now cuts out &wont start when this happens no spark. then it will start. then stop.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
also we removed the sensor at the flywheel tested it was still magnetic cleaned it and re installet it made no change to the problem.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Hi..there.. The flywheel sensor is magnetic anyway.checking its still magnetic doesnt really say its ok.. it works by sensing/hall effect /magnetic pulse to the point at which the flywheel reaches TDC for the ECM to fire the correct firing sequence as per spark/injection...If the sensor is shorting or overheating its becomes open circuit and throw a code sometimes and thats maybe why you loose spark after a period of time until the sensor in itself cools and then the process repeats itself.. you can with a scan tool/scope back probe the sensor and look a the wave form for both cam and crank sensor and see when the cars running if the sensor drops out..or via live data even..But id say going by the desription of events the flywheel sensor is more than likely your problem.being such a common issue on those clio's your best bet is to aquire at least a genuine sensor..and not a cheap aftermarket one
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
before i got your answer we purchased & fitted a new one from euro parts as the open on sundays it started ok and took it on a test Isome 20 mls then he drove to aberdeen phoned its has cut out another tow home. I like your point about temp hot and cooling down but i am still at a loss.I have scanned the internet haynes ect do you think a dianostic at the renault in aberdeen would help i know it will only give indications ?
Hi.. Not a fan of europarts in all honesty for things like this..but having said that if its loosing spark as you suggest on all 4 cylinders would suggest the flywheel sensor, coil , or the drivers in the ecu/wiring..its difficult to be certain without actually getting it scanned at least as and when the fault've done pretty much the basics for checks the next stage has to be plugged in - the garage would have to at least drive the car whilst its on diagnostic and record live data when the cars running and when it actually fails to start..that way they can compare readings and see what flags up or drops out sensor doesnt have to be the dealer unless prefered albiet more expensive wise to do this as most local independant garages should have the proper equipment and know how to track the fault down..maybe local diagnostic tech who could go to the car might be one idea
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks you have been very helpful one more point i did not mention we have an exhaust leak on the flexi at the rear of the engine working on the point of heat temp could this be a factor i do put my hand down and it ,the ecu feels cool but may be on driving load it could be hotter. my thought is to get this fixed asap.
Hi..apologies for the delay.. I couldnt see the leak on the flexi resulting in the cutting out..and shouldnt effect the ecu as a i say best if you havent done so already since the last post have it properly diagnosed before moving forward with any repair.aquiring parts
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