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Laguna 51 dci privalige.. my car has today started to make

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Laguna 51 dci privalige.. my car has today started to make a noise from off side rear wheel , almost sounds like I'm driving with a flat tyre.. the noise gets less when I turn left.. I have been told it could be.. 'rear torsion bar bushes'+??? Is this likely and if so is it much of a job to repair.. or could it be something else???
Hi..there.. Normally Torsion bar bushings when worn,create a knocking sound as you go over bumps in the road for example..they arent the easiest of things to remove and requires special bush removal tool to get the old ones out and the new ones can be done on the car if one side is done at a time..but some prefer to drop the axle to do could be looking at somewhere in the region £250-£300..maybe cheaper dependng on the garages labor rate..but they want to be putting in proper replacement bushings and not cheap ones..but id say one the other areas i would be checking or ruling out is at least the prospect of it being a failing wheel bearing on that side..something to maybe rule before you go down that road of the bushing as suggested above by your garage..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Robert.. that defo going to be cheaper so I will get that ruled out or in.. if it is the bearing would you advise changing both or just the failed one.. phil
Depends on how long your keeping the car would dictate as to whether you spend that extra on getting both done..if your not planning in keeping the car very long then just do the one side effected..but its always known with bearings especially the originals still on the car .that if one side goes then the opposite side is not far behind in going the same its makes sense if the cars going to be kept for a good while yet. To do both sides and thats pretty much it..but like i say best to rule out bearings on the rear anyway.and then take it from there..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks your advise is a great....