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Robert, Renault Technician
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I am intesrested in buying a car Renault scenic from year

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Hi, I am intesrested in buying a car Renault scenic from year 2004 (110000 miles)
The car passed MOT but in the advisory information box it says a few things:
- macpherson strut has slight movement at the upper attachment front (both)
- tyre worn close to the legal limit (both)
- front constant velocity joint gaiter damaged but preventing the ingress of dirt offside
Should the car be repaired or have any parts replaced?
Also I have noticed while driving the car that the clutch is quite stiff … very hard to engage (in my opinion) is this normal?
Any help would be appreciated
Hi..there..apologies for the delay.. Advisory is bascially in the mot tester's opinion. parts not deemed worn enough or show very little wear to result in failure but will still pass the does however mean that those could well be picked up again during the next MOT and may fail as a result if those items wear to point of failure or excess they dont really need replaced asap..but you would have to consider those needing attention when it does get retested again....i suspect the parts you will need are both top mount bearings if the springs and shocks are ok / CV boot,gaitor kit to replace that torn gaitor / both front tyres...... As far as the clutch goes..if it heavy to depress..could mean the clutch is nearing the point of having to be replaced..going by the mileage and if there is no history of the clutch ever being done on the car going by a service and repair history it has with it..then id say be cautious to the fact that a clutch kit maybe something else to add to whats already noted above with the MOT advisory...I do hope this helps
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