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Red stop sign across rev counter,warnings coming up for most

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Red stop sign across rev counter,warnings coming up for most things. I left my engine running for half an hour forgot about it, now very chuggy and displaying various warning lights. Tried again this morning,now that cooled overnight but still the same.
Renault grand scenic 1.4 diesel 41000 miles full service history. 2011.


Which other warnings are coming up?

Had you filled up with fuel diesel prior to this problem?

How do mean chuggy? like missfiring or lack of power when driving??

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hill starting needs checking, engine failure hazard ,check injection system, check anti pollution, check esp.just running rough
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Not filled up with diesel for a week. Can't afford to pay another 15.00. Can you do your best by email. ( pentioner ).


Hill start assist/ESP will have likely shut down and come on due to engine management system or engine fault problem itself as they are all interlinked or networked..i think likely as first step at least before making any judgement on the fault..will be to get the car on a diagnostic scanner especially so with the amount of warnings its flagged up.due to the way car is running id say your best advice would be to call someone out the vehicle and diagnose you'll need to ensure that who ever you call out has the proper diagnostic scanner,or by finding out what fault codes are being logged..thats the only way to be able to move forward with further checks is having those and knowing what they are,once you have them you can come back here and i can help say the problem going by what your saying is more than likely on the fuel injection system problem..bad,failing fuel injector or fuel that view the best things to check are for fuel leaks around the injectors,fuel filter housing..the fuel filter might well be worth replacing here to rule that out..even though you do say its got a full service history doesnt mean the filter has been may want to check up on that to be sure...

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