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I own a megane2 1.4 98hp the outer metal edgings on the cam

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I own a megane2 1.4 98hp the outer metal edgings on the cam gears have come away without causing damage amazingly.can i run the car without these edging strips or do i have to replace the cam gears


I think i know which edgings your talking about on those cam gears..ive never seen in all the time ive changed timing belts on them for those metal lips to come thats quite unusual?...they are basically there as a safe guard to keep the belt aligned or to prevent it walking off the cams...yeah the cams after these became more dephaser type/vvt it might be hard to get the older ones via the dealer...but i dont see why you can find them online..maybe ebay for exmaple or even from a breakers long as the cam gears off the same engine the cams have the same amount of teeth etc..clios had the same engines..but if replacing then you'd might aswell do the timing belt,water pump, will need the locking tool set to do it...but as far as running the car..i dont see why not to be honest..the belt should stay true to centre of cam teeth as long as the tensioner,guides arent worn to allow the belt to run out of line..

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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I have sourced them at a breakers but im worried they might go and damage belt ,ruin engine ,whatever .so i think ill take a chance and run it and check it regularly .thank you for your answer