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We have noticed on the dashboard it has started to say check

Customer Question

We have noticed on the dashboard it has started to say check the fuel injection what does this mean?
Assistant: Has the vehicle turned into a gas hog? And how does it start -- same as usual?
Customer: Can't say iv noticed any difference but we had some major problems with it in June due to the scuttles being blocked
Assistant: What is the model/year of your Renault?
Customer: also I have notice that when I got in last night the windscreen misted up and the only way I could clear it was to put the air conditioning on and it smelt foisty It is a grand scenic 2011
Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: When it broke down in June we took it to a garage that deals with renaults but it isn't a recognised dealer they said it was fixed got them to put a new battery in but was told we needed a bigger one really for winter
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: since all the dashboard went in June due to water we were told it has again started beeping when we open the door and sometimes the alarm goes Renault didn't care we felt it was a full on the car that the scuttles don't drain and didn't know bout them which caused all our problems
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Robert replied 10 months ago.


The check injection warning is bascially a engine management it could be any number of problems on the engine, emissions etc..ideally you would need to have it plugged in diagnostically the determine what fault codds you have before making any further checks..if you can see what these codes are..even if you have small code reader then you can come back here with them and i'll try and help further...

The other faults with water trapped in the scuttle area are quite common..normally you need to remove the entire scuttle panel so you need to remove the wipers and access the drain holes and clear them out..they have rubber bungs so you either remove them or open them up further to allow the water to drain..if however the trapped water has seeped ito the cabin..then you'll need to check the floors arent wet too.also locate your pollen cabin filter as this could be wet too causing the mouldy smell to enter the cabin when the fans or A/C is used..hope this helps

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Ha we had diagnostics done when it broke down twice in June and now we are back to square one again needing another diagnostic we feel this a fault with the car and Renault need to sort it but it will cost us a lot more to tAke it to a registered dealer than the garage we have used we may as well just give the car back if it's had it it's only got 36k on the clock
Expert:  Robert replied 10 months ago.

How long have you had this car for?

What details did they give you regarding the last diagnostic test? what codes?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
We bought it in Sep 2014 so almost 3 years not had any probs until beg of June loaded the car to go on hol set off down the A1 two hours put it started to rain dashboard went haywire and car cut out ha d to be towed back to Leeds took it to garage water in floor we hadn't noticed as had a child car seat in front so never noticed wet floor garage said it was saturated Renault say it isn't a fault even tho we had no idea what a scuttle even was and the garage said it is a job for them to do
Got it back a day later said it was sorted set off again broke down again they stripped the car down had it for over a week that's when I asked for a new battery as it was the original one from being new still just in case coz we were told that cud be part of the prob or the main reason garage still says it was water and needed to dry out
We've run it since then and noticed a few electrical blips like when I open the driver door the alarm goes off or it beeps and now it has this warning on the dashboard
Renault have said we have to take it to one of their garages which will cost a lot more and we are struggling with money at the mo it is also due for a service now too
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
There was a lot of codes in June but they said coz of the water it wasn't accurate
Expert:  Robert replied 10 months ago.

Ok..the scuttle area is whats under the wiper arms..this take rain water running down from the windscreen..into the scuttle drain area which then drains out under the car..of course over time..the drain holes become blocked and thus you then get the rain water building up,so its not so much of Renault dealer problem as this type of problem can amount on any car..and usually you know if water has got into the car when your windscreen mists up...if its saturated the floors then it must of been should of been lifting carpets to get all that water out..using carpet wash machine to suck the water out from the underlay/carpets etc..check wiring harness under these for problems or water ingress too any control modules located under these and probably accounted for the mass list of fault codes..they need to look at these codes to trace the issue down

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
we were told all that when it broke down and said water ingress as I said the water was in the front passenger well and As a child seat was in the front and the airbag off we never noticed the wet carpets so it had prob built up over the 2 and a half years we had the car until the control panel went haywire and the car wudnt work they said the main fuses are on the passenger side and water prob got in but said they had gone thro it all and it seemed fine they took carpets up and dried it out they said
I'd never heard of scuttles or having to clear them with any other car iv owned
But now it seems it's goin again and the windows are misting up again and it's bout 5 weeks since we got it back and now this new message saying check fuel injection is worrying don't feel like we will get to the bottom of this
Expert:  Robert replied 10 months ago.

I understand what your saying here..but i can only advise what should be done here...if the windows are misting up then the same problem has occurred again.. you'll need to get the scuttle panel off and the drains cleared out..obviously this hasnt been done previously properly or any preventative measures made to ensure the problem doesnt reoccur! thats the main cause here.. like i say above water or moisture has likely got into the electrics/mian fuse panel.has anyone checked that? .thus resulting in the instrument panel acting like it has..they should be doing a complete check on this,obviously got into the intake duct in which the pollen fiter is located so it could be saturated too! ..the codes or the check injection could confrim that and the move towards a permanet repair..

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hello Robert
We are not sure how to remove everything to get to the scuttles cleared and what can we do to prevent this from happening again as we were told it is not possible to prevent it and that having them cleared out annually by a garage is the best way to deal with this but if the Windows have started misting up again then it's taken less than 6 weeks to block up again that seems a very quick timescaleThe garage told us they took it all apart to check the fuses and wiring and dried it all out there was no mention of the pollen filter which I didn't know existed to get it checked
The codes we originally had come up on the first diagnostic we had done are
U0121 abs multiplexed signal missing
P0560 battery voltage
P1525 consistent multiplex signals cc/sl
P0087 undocumented code
U0101auto transmission multiplex emission missing
P1775torque down signal system#1
P1776torque down signal system #2
That was it and the garage said they all cleared them
So we now need a diagnostic done again to tell us what's wrong and change the pollen filter and check to see if the scuttles are blocked again so quickly?
Expert:  Robert replied 10 months ago.

Yeah..i mean all these codes are communication problems..consitant to water ingress into main fuse panel, ecu/ say if they was to check this..they could run tests with a wiring diagram on the ABS system U0121 code and trace that down to as why its lost comms..that way once they find that out or trace it back and all other items above all go to the same panel which they probably do..then its pretty much diagnosed from there..i would say if it was me id of taken the entire fuse panel out and left in a warm area to dry out over night.and then refit to see if its resolved the next ensure corrosion hasnt set into the multiplug connectors and pins to these main panels due to previous moisture ingress...But sadly yes you'll need to find out if what codes are set may not be the same ones it could be something entirely differant..thats what im saying....the scuttle area can be removeing the wipers and then remove the plastic panel below the windscreen..then you'll have access to it..the pollen filter is part of the heater should get access if i remember from the left of the clutch pedal..side of the heater box