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Unable to reset radio code on 2004 laguna showing error.

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unable to reset radio code on 2004 laguna showing error. tried leaving ignition on for 30 mins but no luck. should radio also be switched on?


Depends how many times you've or somebody has entered an incorrect code..the radio will lock out for a certain period of time based on the how many attempts have in some cases you could be looking at few hours..and obviously the radio has to be ON with the igntion the radio counts down until as such it will allow you to input the correct code....

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Robert, I was quite pleased with your speed of response, but still cannot reset the radio ! The 0000 has come up but when I try to enter the first 0 of the code which is from the code of 0185 it comes up ERROR ! I had to "jump start" when I first had a problem and reset the radio with no problem, but since having a new battery fitted it will not reset. It's driving me potty !

Are you sure its the correct code? I can check it for you if you can get me the security number off the side of the radio itself on the need to pull it out of the dash to do that...

Are you inputing the code on the radio or the controls at the steering wheel?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Robert, The security number is *****
Hope that helps!
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I'm using the steering wheel control.

Normally renault radios of that was fitted in these cars have the security codes that start with a letter then 3 number digits after which for example - A123 or ABC123

Have you tried it on the radio face itself..using the buttons 1-4 then press 5 or 6 to complete...note the "first 0 should be flashing" to allow you to put the code you press it once to set 1st number..then use button 2 to put in the 2nd number.then button 3 to put in the 3rd number,then button 4 to put in the 4th number.set using either 5 or 6....It shouldnt really by

I persume this is how your doing it and going by what i remember myself.. is using the remote control by the steering wheel. When you get the 0000 displayed, use the scroll wheel at the back of the control to select the number required, then to jump to the next digit press the search button at the bottom of the control. When all 4 digits have been entered press and hold the search button on the remote to enter the code

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Robert, Not sure if you got my message but I tried all you said. The serial number is ***** and reset code is 0185 which is from the new car info sheet. There are no letters at all on the radio. Ken

Yes i got your this the Cabasse auditorium tronic radio you have? cause the radio serial number for checking will be on the amplifier as per the pic im sending....besides the procedure for both radio types are the same..unless the radio itself is completely locked out preventing any code which case it may either need to be replaced or unlocked by a specialist..

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Robert, The radio fitted is a Gamme Radiosat, does that make any difference? Ken.

It shouldnt because the input procedure is exatly the same..these radios pull out the dash by inserting 4 pins into the 4 holes at either side..thats where your see the sticker on the side with the security code..maybe try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes half an hour or somthing and then see what the radio does..if its still in error..leave it on..once the 4 zeros come up and the first digit flashing..try entering..if it still backs out to error..then i suspect the radios fully locked out or has inherited a fault of some which case you'd be cheaper getting a second hand one and ensure you get the code with it..and swap it long as the same exact radio

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I was impressed with the attempts by Robert to solve the problem, but unfortunately we were not able to solve the problem!