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I have a Megane Coupe Cabriolet and the injection warning

Customer Question

I have a Megane Coupe Cabriolet and the injection warning light has just come on, it was on 3 days ago, but not on my first journey today, however on my return journey today the light came on and the car had a noticeable loss of power. I am investigating the possible causes before taking to my local garage.
Assistant: Just to clarify, what are the exact lights you're talking about?
Customer: Its a 1.9 dci 06 plate. A warning light and a message telling me to "check injection"
Assistant: Are you fixing your Journey yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: I have tried nothing myself, I am going to book it into my local garage but am looking at possible causes to determine whether I do it before Xmas (ie low cost to repair) or after Xmas (very high cost to repair). All I know is the warning came on a couple of days ago on my way back from the local shops. This morning it was not on when I went into town (7 miles away) but came on when I started the engine to come back from town.
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No, I think I have covered everything
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Robert replied 8 months ago.


Ideally if yourself had a generic code reader to plug in..then that would give an insight as to what type of fault your maybe dealing with here..that could still be something to persue here and would have to be something your need to get done anyway to see what fault codes you be able to progess forward towards a repair..the warning generally covers issues seen by the ecu regarding Air/fuel injection system and emissions...the most likely cause we see or the most common on these 1.9dci's is EGR related especially so if the cars isnt used all to often..the valave tends to stick due to excesive carbon soot build up..and thus causing power delivery issue or flags a code and puts the car into limp mode..the valves can be taken off and cleaned up..and should worth looking into that if the fault codes point to that of course..the other is fuel filters can be an issue too ive seen..more so if they havent been replaced in a long again definatly something to consider..but id say more based on experiance id say it possible egr issues..but again like i say get the car scanned first..all garages would do that anyway or should be doing before investigating..hope this helps

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I haven't got a tester, however will take it to garage for checking, would this likely have occured due to the cars age and small journeys, abeit on a daily basis. It generally goes 14 miles in the morning, 14 in the afternoon with small journeys of 6 - 8 miles in the evenings. I generally use a tank of fuel 390 miles over a two sometimes as long as 3 week period.
Expert:  Robert replied 8 months ago.

Yeah lack of use can be factor in alot of problems with modern deisels these days..i see a heck of alot..especially so with DPF's and EGR valves as the engine doesnt get enough running time to get upto the operating temp and help burn off that excess build up of soot..obviously its doesnt get rid of it all it. but small journeys doesnt in that view alot of the time advice really if the car isnt in reduced to add a higher premium diesel or diesel additive into the tank and then take it on a long hard run ona motorway in 4th for upto 10-20miles and that normally helps..But as advised above certainly get the car scanned first - see what codes you have - and then take it from there....