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My partner and I have lived in cities for the past 20 years

Customer Question

My partner and I have lived in cities for the past 20 years both working in Social Work, during this time I never had a problem with neighbours I only had to call the police twice, once when my house was on fire and the second time when I was assaulted by 4 men.

Anyway these incidents and other personal problems led to severe mental health problems, depression and anxiety which led to me being agoraphobic which is an ongoing problem. We then moved out of the city to a village close to my mum since my physical health deteriorated too and I needed the extra support. I should also add that my hubbie has Aspergers Syndrome which flared when we moved but has since calmed down.

We moved to a street with all pensioners which I thought was perfect since I'm only 38 but due to loads of meds I'm in bed by 11pm. This is where is gets ridiculous. We have dogs and the hubbie found a perfect spot to take them for a run near to me in case of emergency.

The piece of land is owned by a farmer and a corporate company, both of whom we checked with before taking the dogs there. Suddenly my hubbie was challenged by two neighbours at this piece of land telling him he wasn't allowed to be there, they didn't even ask the question do you have permission they assumed they were right and were entitled to know everything since it hadn't been done before.

This has been the start of a nightmare. The 2 people are those type that complain to the police about 17 year olds drinking at the top of a hill, miles away from our street thy check peoples tax discs and report them if they're not up to date - do you know the type I mean, bizzy bodies with too much time on their hands. It escalated to the women staring at me through the window for up to 8 minutes at a time. Then they started recording the hubbie the minute he left the house with the dogs, this went on for weeks until I had enough and phoned the police, this is where it gets incredible.

The police came to our house in a big marked car but didn't talk to the neighbours until the next day when of course they all had their stories straight. The next day the PC and community warden came to report their findings and the neighbours involved all claimed the hubbie was stalking the woman involved but none had evidence and they all denied filming then when we challenged what was said the community policeman exploded and called us both liars, that he knew the man involved and that this man would never lie, he'd been friends with him for over 20 years etc at this point we both asked them to leave the house. I am still stunned that I actually had to ask the police to leave my house.

The harassment of hubbie continues, I've written a very strongly worded complaint to the police which has been passed up the chain. Meanwhile the neighbours are trying everything to provoke hubbie, they follow him, they film him openly stare at him. I am furious, suicidal and completely at a loss of what to do. The neighbours are vile bullies but the police to be so unprofessional is astounding. Please help us. I refuse to give in to these ignorant, small minded self important idiots but who is protecting us. Plus my other concern is that that so called objective community officer has all this personal info on us and has probably told the neighbours all of it.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your question.

This is a difficult situation and there are limited options in addition to what you have already done as regards reporting things to the police.

However, there are civil law remedies available to you. You will have to see a solicitor about these but in summary they are as follows:

1. You send a lawyers letter to all the people concerned warning them to stay away from you.
2. You can take interdict proceedings which is a courts order preventing them from approaching you, filming you, following you with a view to placing you in a state of fear and alarm.
3. You can ask the court to make a protection from harassment order.

As regards the police, if your complaint is not upheld you can ask the police complaints commissioner to examine how the complaint was handled. See

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


I appreciate the answer however my problem is I don't even know the names of the people involved. The police responded to the complaint by saying my partner got angry and it took me about 40 minutes to explain actually it was due to the man's conflict of interest we both got angry and that my partner just beat me to throwing them out. She then responded by saying we all make mistakes but would not be visiting any of my bullies again since they're a hard working family just trying to get by. I am apoplectic with rage here. She then went on to advise it was best we left the village, i.e we were the benefit claiming trouble makers not the people we reported. I am furious and still frustrated. I feel like one of the poor clients I used to work with. If you're sick & poor you're not listened too, and regardless of my health problems I've never hallucinated, nor have I lied to the police nor do I want any of this. But they now have me labelled as mad kath, which is a hard label to fight against.

I have lawyers in the family but I need this to be completely objective, since my surname is synonymous with my infamous ex MP criminal father.

Thank you, Kath

Expert:  JGM replied 5 years ago.
You appreciate that of you don't know the identities of the parties you won't be able to raise civil court proceedings.

In that instance your only remedy is to follow the police complaints procedure with a view to persuading the police to properly investigate.

In the absence of further knowledge this is the only remedy you may have.