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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Hi There My week is just going from bad to worse, i will try

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Hi There
My week is just going from bad to worse, i will try to explain what is happening,
on Thurday last, my bank the clydesdale bank contacted me on a sales line, asking if i would like a bank loan, i explained their would be no point in applying as i had a poor credit score, he said that would not mean it would go ahead, so we proceeded with the application, he told me the bank would be in touch, later in the afternoon i recieved an email saying the loan had been agreed, they said the would send me the agreement to sign and return, when they recieved it they would pay the funds into my account, i recieved the form on Friday, which i signed and posted back, later that day i recieved another email saying after looking at my application they decided they could not go ahead with the loan,
On Monday i noticed a direct debit had not been paid, I phoned the bank to ask why, the operator could not get through to my branch, she said she would send a message to my branch and get them to phone me. I got a phone call from the bank saying the fraud dept were sending me a letter explaining everything, and in the meantime i should be looking for a new bank account, I asked her to explain what she meant, she said she could not tell me anymore, but if i contact Experion i would see what it was, yesterday i went into the local branch to pay funds in, the teller said the account was frozen, so she could not put the money in, she phoned around for a bit, and could not get any answers, the manager then took me into her office, she asked me if i could get her a copy of the emails and the agreement, which i gave her, she said she could not understand it but would try and find out and get back to me, My state pension gets paid to that account so i am a bit worried.
As a subscriber to Experion i phoned them today and explained the situation, they said they can not see anything wrong with my account that would explain what the bank said
i have been with the bank for 10 years and have never had any problems with my account.
one thing unrelated probably my credit card with the same bank was declined, the card company fraud dept phoned saying my card had been compromised, and the had stopped it they sent me out a new card and pin. any thoughts on what the problem could be, as i said the letter explaining everything has not arrived.
Thank you for your question.

I can think of only one thing and that is identity fraud. I can't speculate however.

You will have to wait for the letter and revert to me if I can assist you further.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi There

Still no official word from the bank, letter still not arrived, manager at local branch can not get any answers, like you she is saying bring the letter in when i get it, that is fine but in the meantime i can not access the account, I have been told you can not freeze account that has child benefit and child tax credit going in, dont know if that is the case or not, really amazed at why i have had no contact from bank, so i will get back to you if and when the letter arrives