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When I met my wife, she was going through a marriage break

Customer Question

When I met my wife, she was going through a marriage break up as her husband at the time had got involved with dealing illegal drugs when his twin boys were 1 year old, and I wanted to take her away from that lifestyle. I had taken on a duty manager's job at a local hotel where she and her ex-husband drank. She was 32, had 3 children (twins to her ex and one from another previous relationship), and I had just been made redundant after working 13 years for an airline. I had some redundancy money (about £18,000) and felt I could make a better life for her and the boys. That was 2007 and since then I have secured a better paid job in order to provide for the family, we have had a beautiful 4th addition to the family(my only son and my mum and dad's only grandchild) My mum and dad downsized their 2 bedroom flat to a 1 bedroom flat in order to give me enough money to buy us a family home. We got married in Aug 2011 and just previous to this I had been accepted into the police which I felt would further enhance our future together as a family. Shortly before I got married I was a victim of an assault, suffered a fractured skull, minor bleeding to the brain so was no longer eligible for the police. As part of my recovery process I found it difficult for the first 6 months to a year to spend quality time with my family. My wife has now taken our 4 boys, moved out to a flat insinuating that my brain injury left me an irresponsible father and they are better off without me. Although only 1 of the 4 boys is my biological son I have enjoyed and tried so hard to ensure the best for them for the last 6 years but she has told me I am no longer allowed to see them apart from my son who I will get every second weekend. She has also not only spent my £18,000 redundancy, she has opened store cards and other accounts in my name, left me with thousands of pounds worth of debt which even my Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim of almost £19.000 could not pay off. She has taken everything from the house, clothes, furniture, pots & pans, all the plants dug up from the garden and even the washing line for drying clothes. Up until 4 weeks ago she was (unknown to me) using my bills account for buying more clothes and shopping online. I was unable when we got married to have her name on the mortgage as she had been sequestrated and was blacklisted. I would really appreciate knowing where I stand legally and financially as i cannot afford a solicitor and may have to sell the family home.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question.

Why do you not qualify for legal aid? Because you are going to need it from your narrative.