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Hello, I fixed my car in a garage, and I paid 1160 GBP just

Customer Question

Hello, I fixed my car in a garage, and I paid 1160 GBP just to fix the Gears and the drive shaft of my 2002 mini cooper.
The problem is when I got the car fixed I really cant use it more than a week, every time I use my car the drive shaft gets broken and the last time I had the gear broken.
I towed the Car 3 times to the Garage, They fixed the car under the guarantee they provided me in the bill, and for last and fourth time I got the gear broken again and this time the car was towed from Erskine to Perth which its 2 hours journey, when I reached the garage it was closed, I left him the keys in the mail box, second day I received a Call from the garage and he was angry its like kind of shouting at me " I had enough from your car and your calls I'm not fixing this car anymore " , I told him but the first job was on 19/June/2013 and you gave me a guarantee 3 month on the gear and 1 year for the drive shaft, what he replied is "I don't care I'm not going to work on this car anymore",
what can I do in a situation like this ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question.

Please clarify.

The same garage has tried to repair the car four times and each time the car has broken down with the same problem.

In addition the garage provided a guarantee for its work?