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I got a phone call saying they where from the verification

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I got a phone call saying they where from the verification department from windows and they had money to give me back for a secuirty I got and never used.I have been scammed to the sum of £9000. Got told i was to get money back and got persuided to open my online banking and use a card reader and told what to do As in how to use the card reader and share my computer as in team viewer whitch i had no idiea what i was doing. I reported it on the day it happend to the RBS got told it was fraud now am getting told its not fraud its a scamm and they cant give me my money back. I reported it to the police. I have read lots about on line banking and cant find any where it says not to share your computer with team viewer when on your online banking.
If I understand what you are saying , you allowed a third party access to your computer whilst you logged into your online banking. Did the transaction happen then or afterwards? When did you discover it and when did you tell RBS.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

A week before they pirswaded me to share it with them first and told me


that i would need a card reader to get my money paid back into my


account. Which the bank sent to me As far as i was awair the third party

had left, when it happened as my computer screen went black then it

came back and my online banking was logged out. they told me to leave

my computer switch on as they had to do some ferafications.( what this i

dont kno) so i went to the cash line to get money out and discoverd my

balance was wrong so i went into the bank and the casher asked if i had

done an internation transaction and this is when i found out they had

taken my money. It would have been within 1/2 hour to an hour from the

time i thought they had left my compter till it was reported to the RBS

So are you saying the first time they contacted you, they took money and then told you you would need a card reader ?
I have looked at the RBS terms and conditions which say that if money is removed from your account without authorisation they will reimburse you. Unless you deliberately or grossly negligently gave you details to the third parties.

I assume their argument tis that becaus e you gave your details away as a result of a scam that they are not repsonsible . Ths does not seem to be what their terms say. Equally you can see thei round. why shoul d they reimburse you because you allowed scammers access to your account.

I suggest that you should write and say that their terms say you wil lbe reimbursed and if they do not you will take the case to the ombudsman . You can complain to the financial ombudsman. I cannot see what else you can do short f taking legal action.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The first time they didnt take money. They said i needed a card reader for them to give me money ( which they didnt give me) when i got the card reader is when i shared my computer with the scammer with team veiwer and they took my money and that is why rbs says because i shared my computer with team veiwer and a card reader its my own foult.And they are treating as a scamm and not fraud and they are not going

Thanks for the further information. I can see why RBS a taking this view. After all it is nothing to do with them. Some criminal hash conned your into revealing your bank info but that is not something the bank has any control over. Nonetheless I think it is worth having a go at complaining as their terms and conditions say if money is taken without authority they will reimburse unless you acted deliberately or grossly negligently .One final thought have you checked you insurances to see if this is covered as a theft?
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