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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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a former employee of mines(i am head chef ) is claiming that

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a former employee of mines(i am head chef ) is claiming that i have caused an assault on him by a friend of his because i phoned him( this friend has been listed by said party as his emergency contact) to see if he had any knowledge of his whereabouts as he was nearly 2 hours late for work , this friend has said he hasn't even been replying to him via text or calls , during conversation the fact he owed money to my boss came up and he hadn't repaid this sum off money, this is when the staff member is claiming his friend assaulted him and he has done this as as result of my phone call and he is claiming i was aggressive on phone and demanding this money shouting and swearing which i did neither , he is texting my friend thinking she wont send the info on to me in this he is claiming to sue me as i apparently used this friend to get to him, my only purpose was to find out where he was as he was suppose to be working. as he is my staff i have the right to fire him without having to go through my boss as i am in charge of the department, he is claiming i cannot do this (withing his 13 probation period ) . i am unsure on how to proceed with this matter can you advise me
Thank you for your question.

If you have your boss's authority to hire and fire staff then you can do so, assuming you follow the correct procedures, and if appropriate he can appeal to your boss.

Happy to discuss further.
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