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My disabled parents live in a local authority block of flats,

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My disabled parents live in a local authority block of flats, they both have blue badges.
On the out side of the building there is a sign stating disables parking only, but there are no markings on the actual carpark surface, although it has a ramp and it is wider than the rest.
I have a lot of problems with other tenents parking there, so my access is limited also if emergency access is needed which has happened this year they cannot get in. The owners of the carpark, it is private, are very reluctant to paint yellow lines on this space to keep it clear, have you any advice so that I can make it easier for me to help my parents?
Thank you for your question.

Does the local authority own the private car park or is it owned by someone else?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is some debate to ownership but as far as I am aware the housing association that ownes the falts ownes the carpark

A Housing Association is bound by the a Equality Act and has to take such steps as are reasonably necessary to help disabled people. You should write in formal terms to them and if they don't respond appropriately you can ask your solicitor to take this up on your behalf.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you that helps, just one more question, it is illegal to park in a disabled parking space without a blue badge and can they be prosecuted by the law?

In a council owned area it is illegal to park in a disabled parking space. In a private car park doing so may result in a civil penalty levied by the car park owner although these are of doubtful legal status.
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