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Hi i currently have had a child with my ex partner we had arranged

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Hi i currently have had a child with my ex partner we had arranged dates for access and this worked quiet well then 8 weeks after my daughter was born he had a son with his other ex partner she did not let him see the baby for first few weeks of life then deceided on days she asked me would these be ok in order he could bond with his son as he had bonded with his daughter as it would effect one of her days the days she had choosen i agreed thinking this was best for both babies but did inform both my ex partner and her that if my daughter was affected n anyway i was going back to my orginal set up before other baby was born my ex partner started not turning up for my daughter so spoke with his other ex partner and explained i was my lawyer regarding it she has also stated she wont budge and go back to the orginal plan the days i have offered only means he will have both kids at same time for one day which i am happy to allow but she isnt were do i stand or were does father stand
Thank you for your question.

This is really for the father to sort out. Both children are very young and you as mother have to do what you think is in the best interests of your daughter.

There are no laws laid down specifically prescribing what is to happen in these circumstances. He has to arrange contact both with you and with the other mother. If he's unable to do anything which can be agreed by everyone then he would have to go to the court to ask the court to sort it out and make appropriate orders.

One thing here is that both children are young and there should be no real reason why separate contact times can't be arranged for each child. I'm not sure that having both together at this stage is necessarily a good thing as it is more than twice as difficult to look after two babies together than it is one at a time.

Happy to discuss further but as the mother with care and residence, at the moment what you say goes as regards XXXXX XXXXX your child.

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know the other mother is offering 1 week mon wed fri 5-9 and following week tue wed -9 and sat overnight this mother stays around the corner from him so is able to have during week access i have offered week 1 sat till sun 10till 8 and every other weekend fri till sun reason i have not offered during week is because we tried this and because i live so far away wasnt getting to my hse till half 7 and have my daughter in routine for bed at 9 as i also work during week and weekends what are is options if he cannot afford court i have offered mediation for all 3 of us but she is not willumg to accept this x