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My father is in the custody of HMP Barlinnie, he is 81 years

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My father is in the custody of HMP Barlinnie, he is 81 years of age (a vulnerable person)and had a fall in the shower. This was on the 5th November 2013 at 8 o'clock in the morning. He had fallen and was unconscious. He was seen by a doctor who put butterfly stitches on his right eye and had severe bruising to both sides of his face. I had an afternoon visit that day and had been warned at reception that my father had bruises to his face and not to be too alarmed. I was appalled at the state of his face and his unsteadiness on his feet. We were put in a side room where I insisted they get him a wheelchair. After speaking to one of the officers I viewed my concerns. After my visit he was seen again by a doctor and was taken to hospital where he was ex-rayed and found to have fractures to his face. He was sent back to prison.
On Friday 8th November he collapsed and was unconscious again and admitted in to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and put on a drip. He was kept in for 5 nights. He was then sent back to prison. There was no follow up by any medical personnel in the prison.
He was taken back to hospital on 26th November where he was advised not to have corrective surgery because of his age, and with having a heart condition. He now has no feeling to this side of his face. He has also been told he has no sight in his right eye (he has a cataract on this eye) there has been no follow up on this either.
I am not happy with the medical care he has received in HMP Barlinnie. He also has signs of dementia. Where do we stand regarding this matter?
Thank you for your question.

Your father has a potential civil claim against the prison service for failure to provide appropriate medical treatment. You should contact his solicitor and explain the position so that a claim can be intimated. The prison has a duty of care towards its inmates.

You should also write yourself to the prison governor in strong terms advising of the position so that you have a record of the position in case it happens again. Send the letter recorded delivery and keep a copy and the proof of posting.

Happy to discuss further.

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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