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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Hello, I need advice about a leased vehicle, I pay monthly

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I need advice about a leased vehicle, I pay monthly DD for 3 years with 3 options at the end.

I got the keys August 2012 brand new, no mileage on the clock.

The car is presently with XXXXX XXXXX for the 5th time!! It's had faulty wipers, replaced, the air control dial fell off, new one fitted today, faulty seat belt, new one fitted today, then the car wouldn't start properly some mornings and I could smell fumes inside the car, I called XXXXX XXXXX explained this, they requested I take it in and they would take a look - they found manifold pressure sensor contaminated with oil? It got pressure washed retested and all okay said the report done in May this year, unfortunately the same thing happened just a couple of months later, not starting, fumes in the car etc today once again cleaned? I asked for the faulty part to be replaced, I got told today they never replaced anything, its cleaned and ready to collect? The service Manager said to me yesterday so you want to know where the oil is coming from? Yes? Wouldn't you?

They have loaned me a courtesy car, so I am not without transport I was told the Manager would call because I said I didn't want the car back until they told me where the oil is coming from?

I'll be honest I don't want that car anymore it has caused me nothing but stress, anxiety and ill health from fume inhalation, my fuel going back and forth, unnecessary extra mileage off my 10,000 yearly quota? Which if I go over the 30,000 I will be charged a % at the end of the contract. The journey I commute every day is a back road to a large Oil & Gas Industrial Area and I need to trust my car won't break down on route it would cause a major tail back......

I need to know where I stand to get the car replaced or fix the leak properly find out where it is coming from?

Will have to call them back tomorrow morning in respect of taking the courtesy car back? I don't want to give it back until they tell me why the oil is contaminating it where is it coming from and why isn't it being replaced I've heard nothing back and when I called to speak to them I got told he was on an important call?.

Look forward to hearing from you

Mrs Paula MacKinnon
Thank you for your question.

Who is the lease with and have you been in touch with them?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



The creditor is FGA Capital UK Ltd trading as Fiat Financial Services. No I haven't? Don't know what I should do I also noted on the agreement they go under English law? Will that make a difference to advice?



The fact that the agreement is under English law won't make a great deal of difference as the law of contract is more or less the same.

However, you have been fighting with XXXXX XXXXX and you should be dealing with the lease company as they own the vehicle.

Please contact the lease company and then revert to me so that we can help you further.
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