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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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I am a grandmother who has been supporting my daughter and

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I am a grandmother who has been supporting my daughter and son inlaw witht heir 4yr old twins girls since birth. Initailly it was only going to be for 1yr till they all got on their feet after the birth. During that year my soninlaw demonstrated he had difficulties helping with the babies. He became increassingly obsessive about the housework being done. Also during the 1st half of their second year if were going abroad to see my other grandchildren he would put my daughter under a lot of pressure and make life generally unbearable. The agreement was I would go home at the weekends. When i returned I would find my daughter very distressed as he would have just taken off and left her to manage. His family have had nothing to do with the children . Their paternal grandmother died during their second year . My son inlaw knew nothing of his mothers terminal illness. The family never supported him in anyway and he never assisted in any of the arrangements. He has been treated for depression and left the home 3 times the last being 4 th november 2013. My daughter had arranged marrage guidence sessions but he was god at participating. He also has had NHS counselling and they told my daughter she needs to let him come and go. Now she has received a solictors letter on his behalf demanding that he is given the girls overnight stay with him at his fathers. Seemingly my presence is being blamed for the breakdown. Though according to his lawyer he is very content to continue having free child care courtsey of myself as my daughter had no option than to return to work Long winded I appreciate. My question is Can I seek legal advice so that all I have to say factually not emotionally is recorded for the wellbeing of the children. Many thanks and much appreciated
Thank you for your question.

You could see your daughter's lawyer and offer a statement or affidavit in support. Is that the kind of thing you have in mind?

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would it be worth my while to ask his lawyer for a retraction of my son inlaws false information. as well as myself providing a true account of everything to his lawyer

No, you won't get that from him. Your lawyer can provide your statement if he thinks it would help but at the end of the day if he is seeking contact which is not in the best interests of the child he would have to argue his position before a judge and that is where your evidence would be important.
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