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My parents suffered a house fire that also affected their next

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My parents suffered a house fire that also affected their next door neighbour's property. This was back in October 2013. My parents' insurance took care of the repairs and reinstatement to their own home, and - presumably - the next door neighbours' own insurance took care of repairs to their property. However, this morning my parents received a letter from a legal firm claiming to be acting for Halifax, listing some allegations and seeking around £30K. Is this normal? I haven't seen the letter yet, but I was wondering whether or not it is just insurance companies sorting things out "between themselves", and what the next step should be. My mother says that the letter says that they have 14 days to acknowledge receipt of the letter and 30 days to respond or else legal proceedings will be begun.

-Kevin_C, Edinburgh, UK
Thank you for your question.

Your parents should pass the letter to their own insurance company. The other party can only make a claim against your parents if the fire was in some way caused by your parents' negligence and even then the insurance company should take care of it as there is third party cover built into every buildings insurance policy.

If there is no negligence on the part of your parents then each party's insurer should take care of the matter.

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