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I have just had a baby with my ex-partner (we were together

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I have just had a baby with my ex-partner (we were together when she fell pregnant) but are now not together. We regisitered the birth of our baby girl last week, calling her: Annabelle Catherine XXXXX-XXXXX. But now my ex wants to change the name to Annabelle Catherine XXXXX XXXXX. Her surname is XXXXX & mines is XXXXX. The reason she has given is that she says she has been told it will be difficult for her on her own to register our baby at school, dentist, doctors, passport etc because of the Hypenated name (not being the same name as hers (XXXXX) & that we would both have to be there to register my daughter (we stay in different towns now). She says that as she is the main carer for our child that her name should be the main name on the birth certificate & wants to have it amended, i do not. I will be playing a full part in my daughters life & also am looking to have joint custody of her when she is slightly older & when my ex goes back to work.

Thank you for your question.

That's not in fact the case. My daughters have their surname hyphenated using both parents surnames and there has never been a problem. Most important registration events go by the birth certificate, not by the parents' surnames.

Example is Asian culture where surnames can differ across generations such as father/daughter.

I don't agree with your ex.

The law is that the name is XXXXX XXXXX on the birth certificate. Assuming you are named on the birth certificate you have equal parental responsibilities and a decision to change the name would now have to be made jointly.

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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