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My niece had children removed. Report had several important

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My niece had children removed. Report had several important inconsistencies. We asked if we could clarify some things at the end off the meeting and we're told that we could. When everyone has given their opinions - only child protection were scathing of my niece - we were asked what we had to say and as soon as we tried, very politely and without applying blame for the way things had been written , we were interrupted. We tried again, explaining that some things were not accurate we were. Stopped again. I told my niece quietly as the meeting closed that this was what was called a 'kangaroo court' only for one of the child protection ladies, who had been infuriated with me taking notes, going into a scathing attack, I front of the whole children's panel. I let her away with it in case it proved difficult for my niece. What do we do now?
Thank you for your question.

What decision was made at the conclusion of the hearing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thr children will remain in foster care at least for now until mum can learn how to control their behaviour better. Her love for the children is not in dispute, but they are very boisterous and are not easily controlled. When they are separated, as they are now, they have always been pretty good, it is when they are together that they bounce off each other and become a handful. Out of all the experts there, only child protection gave a scathing report, the rest were happy to admit that it was just the uncontrollable nature of the children that gave cause for concern. Children's ages are almost 9, almost 8, almost 7, just turned 3, and two on 1st Apr. Some of the report says they are untidy and grubby and they smell. My niece asked the school head whether her children were smelly. She denied it fervently, but it was in the report! See what I mean?
It seems that the main issue here is the way that you were treated by the child protection person. If that is the case then your way forward is to instigate a formal complain using their published complaints procedures.

I am presuming that the decision to utilise foster care is not in issue at the present time.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I would like to personally thank you. You have truly been very helpful. It is reassuring to know that my niece still has avenues to explore. Please be assured that she only wants the records amended and is more than willing to comply to any conditions asked so that she can hopefully get her children back. Thank you, again.