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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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I had a new gas central heating system installed by Scottish

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I had a new gas central heating system installed by Scottish gas last march.
my house had started to stink, I foned the gas board and the said no leak to be found. I have now discovered that the stink is due to a collapsed waste pipe under the floor caused by the install. the whole crawl space of my house is flooded with dirty water. Scottish Gas have accepted responsibility and have started to fix it, however with 1 dog 3 cats and 2 children, all the drying machines and pumps all over the house it has been impossible to live in the house. three weeks after the install of all the drying equipment I have complained to them and told them I have no toilet or cooker and have had to move out. they installed this equipment without giving me any information, a risk assessment or an option.
should I ask for compensation and should they have at least taken my circumstances into consideration? When it told them I had moved out and asked for money they then sent a loss adjuster who is now proving to be very difficult to deal with. My furniture is covered in dust and stacked up, my house is a mess, yesterday they removed the drying machines and told me to move back home. the place is a bomb sight how can I live there until it is clean? should they clean it before I move back? also the machines were on 24/7 and made so much noise my kids could not sleep. also electrical cables everywhere surely this cant be right.
Thank you for your question.

I happen to know something about this having had a similar incident last year. It is not legal for them to make you stay in a house with dehumidifiers as they can affect your health badly. From your description of events British Gas and their loss adjuster have messed you about really badly as well as break the law by allowing you to stay in the house.

They should also be replacing damaged items and paying to have the house put back and cleaned.

You should have taken professional advice about this and I suggest that you now do so by employing your own loss adjuster to deal with the British Gas loss adjuster. He will charge a commission on the compensation or will insist that his fees are paid by British Gas.

You need someone to fight your corner, not someone who is trying to save British Gas money.

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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