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Hi , im in the long process of bring my lovely wife in from

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Hi , im in the long process of bring my lovely wife in from Thailand to the uk To cut a long story short i have given all the details and all the paper work to back it up with a set of accounts they asked for my sa300 to back it up bank statements for the required year.Proof of all Taxpayed. My income was £26337 gross and they require £18600 for one person. Iv sent her £200 per week. I gave all the western union receipts to prove this. Iv been in Thailand 6 times in 15 month.My wife has been here for nearly 6month last year. and we went back to apply for a spouse visa thinking it would be give. My income this year has been higher ie i can give my wife enough to have a good standard of living.IE OVER £74000 VAT return .as they asked if im still actively self employed and in business. All the usual letters, photos etc were sent ..... but there issue is my income....but whats wrong ,this so wrong what they are doing to my wife and i....can you give any helpful answers .....Thanks George Ps my wife is the only close family i have as my mum passed away 3 weeks ago....i got the uk border decision 2nd Apri 14l. Nothing makes sense. How can some low payed worker with the title of entry clearance officer on a short 1 year contract from the Uk to thailand as im led to believe be judge and jury for something so important and get it so wrong.
Thank you for your question.

What does the decision of 2 April say specifically?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If you have proved income at the £18600 level then you should not have a problem with this. I suggest you reply to their email again sending them copies of the documents as I can't see any reason why they have written the email when you have provided the information.

Have you phoned them. If not, do so.
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