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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Good afternoon, My question is this.... 7 years ago my Wife

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Good afternoon,
My question is this....
7 years ago my Wife and I went to a local financial advisors office near Aberdeen. We had an appointment to the house deeds changed so that my name would be on them. The financial advisor told us` it would be a waste of £600 as because we were recently married I would be entitled to half of the house should we ever divorce. A few weeks ago I went to my solicitor to update my will and leave my half of the house to my children. My solicitor tells me that because my wife owned the house a few months before I met her that the house is not marital property. Now I feel like I was given wrong advise and I feel bitter that for 7 years I believed that I owned half of the house. Can I sue for this bad advise?
Kind Regards
Mitch Watt
Thank you for your question.

Was it a solicitor or a financial adviser that advised you that the house would be treated as being owned equally?

Did the person know that the house had been bought before you met your wife?

Have you and your wife now separated?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


It was a financial adviser that gave me the answer.

My Wife was with me as She booked the appointment.

The Company was well aware that my Wife had bought the house previous to my marriage as they conveyed the deeds and are also helped my Wife with Her mortgage.

This is a big company with an office in Ellon and I feel aggrieved that the information was incorrect as we did book an appointment to discuss my name on the house deeds. They must have known that the person we dealt with `knew His stuff`.

Kindest Regards

Mitch Watt

It is not for a financial adviser to give legal advice but I assume the firm you went to were solicitors who also provided financial services. In any event if a professional gives incorrect advice he can be responsible for the consequences of someone acts on that advice and suffered loss.

You should intimate a claim for your losses.