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I wear two hearing aids, bought about 6 years ago from Hidden

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I wear two hearing aids, bought about 6 years ago from Hidden Hearing.
In February I was given the opportunity of upgrading them to "new" technology hearing aid which fits right inside your ear. They were fitted on Wednesday 26th February 2014, at a cost of £3,398.00. I was not comfortable with these aids, and I had a return visit 10th March to have them "tweaked". I did my best to become accustomed to them, but asked for another visit, which was 4th April. Once more I used them but had a string of complaints. When I first received the aids I signed up for 4 consecutive monthly payments. I paid the first one by cheque handed over to the representative. When the second one became due I received a letter from a Finance company saying I WAS OVERDUE. I complained to Hidden Hearing (who should have arranged all this) and they said I would have to fill in forms again, which I refused to do. I sent a cheque to the Finance Company to cover the second payment, then a few weeks later I sent a further cheque covering the last 2 payments. I was extremely annoyed by this. By this time I was still unhappy with the aids, and phoned Hidden Hearing with all my complaints, such as unable to make out what was being said to me by friends, had to use subtitles when watching TV, required to take out the aids when eating, because of the noise in my ears! An appointment was made for 28th April, but no one turned up. I phoned again, and was given the appointment of 12th May, but was told that they would not return my money, but would be given a choice of a different hearing aid. I would like to know how I stand (moneywise) at this point.
Thank you for your question.

Are the hearing aids working properly or is there something wrong with them? In other words have you been given goods which are not of satisfactory quality or is it the case that the hearing aids work but they are just not suitable for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am not at all sure what the trouble is. I have tried my best to bear with them, but as far as I am concerned, I just cannot put up with them any longer.

From what you say it appears that you are not suits to these hearing aids so questions have to be asked why they were recommended to you to start with. And if you're not suitable for them you should insist that they change them and refund you. You might want to get a second opinion from a hearing specialist before you see them again.

You should also examine the terms of any written contract you have with these people to see what contractual rights you may have.
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