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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Hello Im just writing on behalf of my partner Laura who

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I'm just writing on behalf of my partner Laura who was involved in a car accident back in January.

A guy drove into her lane on a straight road and hit her head on writing off her car, luckily they were both only doing around 25-30mph but still she suffered badly bruised ribs, shoulder, chest knee and a broken finger.

She was taken by ambulance from the scene and taken to hospital where she was later discharged after examination.

it took us several weeks to get info from the police to forward on to Laura's insurance company to begin the claim as she needed a car asap for her work. When we did finally get them, we run the plate through the DVLA and found out the car this plate belonged to was for a silver Mercedes, the car that hit Laura was an orange one, it also turns out according to the insurance company of the other driver that he wasn't insured and that it had expired in December last year.

We gave this information to the police, they looked into it and see we was correct, they went to the address of the other driver and he had actually moved from that particular property.

Laura's car had also been taken to breakers yard where it was accruing daily charges, and was getting chased daily to sort it out.

It was dragging on for months and Laura had no choice but to claim through her own insurance to get the car out of the pound and also to get the money from her car minus a £500 excess so she could buy another car for work.

It's been a very frustrating time as she hasn't done anything wrong, she was insured, she has lost 2 months of earning from her job, she lost £500 in excess and is still suffering from some of the injuries that she got, unable to move right shoulder etc.

Laura's current lawyer called the other day to state the police had been back in touch and the car was in fact stolen

Is there any grounds for police negligence here? The fact that a guy was in a car that was a different color to the one registered, stolen and uninsured and was allowed to drive away? I don't even know if the guy was made to do a breath test?

Laura was the victim here and all it has done is cost her a lot of money due to police incompetence

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks for reading my query

Kind regards

The reason I ask is it's because of this lengthy delay that Laura has had to claim from her own insurance, and the fact that we were able to see this car wasn't insured and having to tell the police this ourselves
Thank you for your question.

She can lodge a complaint with the police but that won't compensate her for the injury sustained by her. Has her lawyer lodged a claim with the a Motor Insurers Bureau which is how you pursue a claim for losses caused by an uninsured driver?

Even if the police have not investigated the case timeously, I doubt that would have any effect on Laura's losses, especially where you are dealing with a car thief. The Motor Insurers Bureau is the correct avenue to pursue.

Happy to discuss further.

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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