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JGM, Solicitor
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my car, a 2010 Mazda CX7 has had a catastrophic engine failure.

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my car, a 2010 Mazda CX7 has had a catastrophic engine failure.
with only 55k on the clock and serviced by Mazda themselves at the required intervals, I would not expect this to happen. what can I do to solve this without having to pay for a new engine.
Thank you for your question.

Did you buy the car from new? If not where did you get it?

Is there a warranty?

Do you know or can you find out why the engine failed?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi. I am the 2nd owner buying the car from macrae & dick, Inverness. the car was first registered at this dealer. I bought it June 2012. it did have a 3 year or 60000mls warranty. the same garage is currently stripping the engine to find out why this has happened. they will record their findings and pictures, send the information to Mazda UK. after that I don't know what will happen.
having done some research on various forums, there have been similar engine failures, on even lower mileage cars, which could point to default with the design of the engine?
If the vehicle is covered under warranty then you don't have to worry, I presume. If it isn't then the fact that the dealer is going to contact Mazda is likely to be either because there is a known problem or because this should not have happened.

You should ensure your dealer asks Mazda to deal with this by giving a replacement engine under goodwill if not under warranty otherwise you may have a Sale of Goods Act case against the dealer for unsatisfactory quality. However, see first of all if the dealer expresses an opinion on the cause of the failure and be ready to have your own independent mechanic to inspect if the dealer's finding is adverse to your interests.

The AA may be able to do an inspection for a reasonable fee of you ask them to.
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