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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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I have recently been enrolled into a home study course run

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I have recently been enrolled into a home study course run by Train2Game, a company that claims to provide training for people who wish to become a part of the computer games industry. I have already begun the course and it has been made out that there is no way for me to back out once I begin.

I have been searching online for news of this company, something I should have done before agreeing to join the course and what I have found has not been pleasant. Anyone who has joined the course before seems to consider it useless and a complete ripoff. Suffice to say, my motivation to continue has been swiftly cut off but I am worried that I will have no way to quit without paying the fees of £135pcm for the 3 years that the course is supposed to last.

I would like to seek your advice on this as, if what I have read from previous students is anything to go by, you may well have heard of this company before.

Thank you for your time,
Anthony Cosimini
Thank you for your question.

Apart from what you have read online is there anything they have done so far, or not done so far, as far as your contract with them is concerned which would suggest that they are breach of what they promised to provide you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

At present no, although I did discover that the resources I have been provided with for my Introduction Module are almost copied from the free tutorials on the website of the software that I am currently using for the course. It was claimed by a previous student that it was a literal copy before but either the website or the Train2Game coursework has been updated.


My current stance is to at least continue the course through the first few modules as I do not have enough of Train2Game's materials to present much of a case and thus far, the only discouragement has been from the alarming amount of people telling me of their bad experience with this company. If there is truth in their claims (which I will be working to find out for myself) I would like to cut my losses as best I can and as quickly as possible when/if the time comes.

I think that is the right approach. You'll have to monitor the position and if at any stage it becomes apparent that they are not providing what you have contracted with them for, you should intimate that you hold them in breach of contract and cancel your payment. You are at least paying as you go along so it's not as if you would have to pursue for a large fee paid upfront.

I hope that it works out for you, however.
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