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I am about to post on the school facebook page of my husbands

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I am about to post on the school facebook page of my husband's mistress something along the lines of:
P.C (I will use her name) is an adulteress who had sex with my husband T.F (again will use his name) at her house in the early hours of Sat 19th July despite knowing full well that he was a married man with 4 children, one of which is 3 years old.
I would like to know what may happen to me. Everything I have said is 100% true and can be backed up. She has even admitted having sex with him & knowing that he was married in a text she sent him last night.
Thank you for your question.
Nothing can happen to you for speaking the truth. Only untrue statements are actionable under the law of defamation.
Repetitive statements on Facebook may be taken as harassment, but if you're posting on her page she can of course remove the statements.
Happy to discuss further.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would be posting on the schools facebook page logged in as me so don't she how would be able to remove it. I would only do it once.

After the 19th July, her & my husband were in frequent contact with each other mainly via text of which there is documented proof.

On the 21st of July she asked my husband for dinner. He replied the following morning saying yes then he told me what he was going to do ie go to hers in a few days time for dinner etc.

I asked to see their texts and he gave me his phone. I texted her using my husband's phone asking her to back off until I sorted my marriage out. She phoned my husband the next day (23rd) saying she was surprised by my text and she assumed he wasn't coming through. He said yes and asked her not to be in touch.

She texted him again on the 20th Aug asking if he was free to meet up for coffee the next day. He replied stating no, not to contact him again and that he didn't want to have anymore to do with her. She replied calling him names.

On Tues 26th Aug my husband told me the truth about how the sex had actually come about about so I texted her from my phone this time again asking her to back off, told her that he wasn't and had never been single etc and didn't want to have anything more to do with her. She did not reply.

My husband contacted her on mon 1st sep and asked her to apologise to me as the two of them had caused me a great deal of hurt & distress. Again she did nothing.

Due to some questions from me about the whole affair, he texted her last night as to when he specifically asked her out for dinner as he couldn't remember.

She replied saying that she didn't owe anyone an apology, that my husband assured her he was in the process of splitting up (he said he didn't 'assure' her that at all only mentioned that it might be happening) but ultimately she still asked him back to hers at 1am knowing full he was married and said she would any further contact from him or me as harrassment.

So if I post my single statement on the school where she works facebook page would that still be considered harrassment?

It depends who is in control of the page.
But no, that wouldn't be harassment.
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