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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Experience:  30 years as a practising solicitor.
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i am a descendent of the royal house of Stuarts hopefully about

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i am a descendent of the royal house of Stuarts hopefully about to be published in the pappers i have the DNA test done and the family tree to more than to confirm this i am about to become public due to Alex salmond i need a solicitor please for the case of the century who will step up with me and represent my interests note we will also need to talk money as well but note the person representing me will have all the publicity they need for success
from mark sanders
This is a question and answer site. What is your question?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

not sure what you need so will tell you my story im as said before a descendent of the royal house of Stuarts ie the reason Alex salmond used for the referendum (no male descendent of king James the 6th the Scottish royal house ) and had royal approval for the referendum from the Queen note she is not of a all male descendent line I am and have the Y DNA AND FAMILY TREE is has taken me time for all this. its my permission Alex would need for this referendum there buy its invalid.

im expecting a legal case with alex salmond as he did not do his home work and could have easily found i was alive as my sister was found and paid off but they all knew she had a brother me that she believes is dead sorry im very alive and all that alex salmond needed to do was look for me death certh which even my sister has not looked into .

there will also be claims of my descendent s right

i need a solicitor with in this area some one who has a passion on keeping Briton together and someone who would like to sort this out

from mark sanders

So are you saying the queen is not the true queen and that you should be king in her place? And that the Royal Assent was therefore flawed when used to pass the referendum legislation and therefore all that has taken place is constitutionally flawed? And that the referendum process is illegal unless you become involved?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

very hard to believe but yes and i need to meet a solicitor.

This is SO interesting because if you follow that through really every single piece of legislation ever passed since this dreadful mistake was made is, by your argument, invalid and all the laws would have to made again, the court system is invalid as is the civil service, the Scottish Parliament etc. Once you are crowned king you will have to fix it all. Is that correct? Do you feel you are able to fix it all?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

all will be looked at anything past by Elizabeth after her abdication yes there is to be a mass of work to do. am saying the referendum is invalid.and at this moment Elizabeth is more than aware of me as she paid off my sister so knows she did not have the right for this.

i was to just deal with Elizabeth and sort Westminster from hurting the people Scottish or not

i come from a split kept secret in the royal family from the Stuarts line

yes i am the missing king who was talked about back in time before the death of diana

That's fantastic. You will need the very best solicitor and possibly Senior Council as well, although QCs are appointed by the queen so they all may be illegal as well. I suggest that your choice of solicitor be made in conjunction with the Law Society of Scotland and take it from there. Contact details are at
And the very best of luck with all of that. I hope that we soon get a leader we can look up to and trust!
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