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hi my name is ***** ***** daughter has fled domestik abuss and

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hi my name is ***** ***** daughter has fled domestik abuss and she now lives in scotland here husbend has made alagatons about here to cafcass wish is a english family law cort thay want here to go to oxford to the cort but she is under police protechon and she is with assist the is tring to get the children back but he has been abusing them bay pulling out there teeth and holding them down to scrap a virocka with a blade but he is telling caf cass that is wife is mental and she is a bad mother so he can get the kids back if she gos to oxford for the cort i dont now what he will do to here she was told bay womans ade that she would have to live in scotland 1 year before she can get a resndsorder but if the childrn go back to england she will have to go back yo live there becuse thats were here children will be if the father gets them back can you tell me the difrens betwen scotich law and england law shorlay if the children are at risk from the father he would not get them backcan you give me soome advice what wee can do to keep them safe and can she be made to go to cort in oxford were the abuser is he also sead that he would denie everay thing that the has don to my dater and here children
Thank you for your question.
Are the children staying with your daughter in Scotland? How long have they stayed here?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

6 weeks

A court in Scotland and take a certain protective measures in respect of the children, and the mother, even if there are court proceedings in England.
It is not the law in Scotland that she has to be here for one year before she can deport. That is just rubbish.
I suggest your daughter sees a solicitor immediately with a view to getting temporary orders preventing the father from interfering with the care of the children or from approaching her.
The solicitor will also be able to liaise with Cafcass and the English courts, via an English agent if necessary.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my daughter asked the cort to tranfare the case to scotland but sayed no becusr it is a sivele mater is sems that domestick abusse is not as bad in englan as scotland i just dont now what to do for the best

Has she seen a Scottish solicitor yet?