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My husband has moved in with his daughter as he was diagnosed

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My husband has moved in with his daughter as he was diagnosed with secondary pri***** *****ver cancer and I have MS Iam unable to look after him -we had been having problems before this and he was moving out to give us some breathing space -but we said we would give each other time -the he had cancer - when he came out hospital I had keys cut son and daughter so they could come and go as they pleased -my husband asked before I visted him so he could get used to living with his daughter -I found out he was yellow and his eyes as well -this is dangerous so I phoned the doctors after not getting a hold of his daughter the doctor said no he has to get bloods taken and might need his chest drained -I called to her house to see my husband and she said she wasn't letting me see him and what right did I have phoning the doctor as she is his carer ! I said can I see your dad she said no I don't think so I might phone the police and get you removed from my house -I said your dad wouldn't be happy at that -this girl is evil -she said I could go through but she would stand with me -I went in and said to my husband we have a problem as Iam not allowed to sit with you myself -he said no you can come anytime isn't that right Sam -she said of course she can and I never said a thing -he looked awful very confused and has lost a lot of weight -when I came away from the room she said feel free never to come back here again your not welcome -I will make excuses to my dad !! She said your nothing to do with him !! Where do I stand and what can I do !! I am worried sick my husband has been yellow a week -why hasn't she done something about it before now !!!
Thank you question.
The problem you have is that your husband is living in her house and she is entitled to say who comes into her house and who doesn't. It might help if you suggest to your husband that he grants a power of attorney in your favour. That would give you some control over his affairs both financial and welfare.
It wouldn't automatically give you access to his daughters house but it may focus remains to the extent that they have to appreciate that you are still involved with them.
This is a very difficult situation and there is no perfect answer. What you should also be doing is liaising with his doctors and if you feel that he should be visited by a doctor then you should arrange this.
Happy to discussed further.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
That's the thing I contacted the doctor and she said I have no right to do that -I thought about power of attorney but when I saw him yesterday he isn't well enough to sign anything plus she wouldn't leave me alone with him !
The doctor said you have no right to do what?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The doctor told me it was dangerous that he had become jaundice on his skin and eyes -when I went to see my husband at his daughters -she told me I have no right to phone or speak to anyone regarding her dads illness.
She said she is the carer and she will deal with his health
Today I have found out that she is letting her dad take his own medication -he's confused all the time -he took the stuff again that the doctor told him not to take - why does she still leave it beside him
I feel my hands are tied as I cannot go into her house now !!!
I think you have to apply to the court and get a guardianship order husband. You will need medical evidence from two doctors that he can't manage his own affairs.
See a solicitor about this immediately. From what you say that is the only option open to you.
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