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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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We are a small upholstery repair business. Wwe returned a

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We are a small upholstery repair business. Wwe returned a repair to a customer at the weekend who has subsequently lodged a formal complaint as she is unhappy with the repair. We have addressed her complaint and offered a solution which she is unhappy to accept. Customer has not paid for any services but has advised us consumer rights are now opening a case in her favour. Any advice on how to proceed from our end would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
Thank you for your question.
-Could you explain your situation a little more? Include the detail of the complaint, the solution you suggested , why the customer isn't willing to accept it and any other relevant information.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Customer has a white leather sofa and requested a repair on 1 x seat cushion which was scuffed/scratched. On inspection, technician advised uplifting seat section to repair scuffs and replace foam (existing foam had lost resilience). When cleaning in preparation to repair, top finish started lifting off - this is not uncommon (dependent on lots of factors). Advised customer we would replace the damaged panel with new and recolour. When furniture returned customer immediately highlighted scuffs along front. Area where scuffs are were not touched during repair process. In addition, section of sofa left in customer's house displaying exactly the same scuffs. Customer unhappy seat foam too high and looks out of place. Again this is normal as foam levels out over time. Main complaint difference in shade between repaired seat cushion and rest of sofa. Non repaired sections of sofa have been subject to everyday wear and tear and will, initially, appear slightly different until colour 'beds in'.

At our request, customer has not paid for repair and we have offered to replace all three seat cushions tops (not only the one previously repaired) in leather of her selection. We have also offered to replace the seat foam with one of a lower density. Customer has refused and opened a Consumer Rights case. Please note, technicians who returned furniture of the opinion customer 'serial complainer' as she was happy discuss her many past claims and the resultant compensation received.

Do not give this customer any more than what has been offered to her already and request payment for the work already carried out. If she is a serial complainer and if you have technical information and professional know how, her complaint won't succeed.
The consumer rights officer will be aware of the need for this kind of work to "bed in" and I doubt from what you say you have a problem here.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Offered two solutions at no cost to customer - we redo repair or provide materials for another company to repair. Customer has turned down both and states Consumer Rights have advised she request a cheque for a replacement sofa. Several long winded emails from customer stating that we are 'cowboys' and her sofa looks atrocious. Pleas note, section we DID NOT repair is covered in red dye and scuffs. Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated as customer states she is happy to progress with legal action and consumer rights.